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Quick Link Jump to the section on How To TURN OFF the Conversation View. Jump to the section on How To Change the Location of the Reading Pane .
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Category: Basic Features & How To's

To Edit Your Calendar Settings 1. Starting from the Home screen, tap Settings .
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Category: Calendar Options

How to Open a Shared LSUMail Calendar 1. If you received a calendar sharing invitation: a. Open the invitation.
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Category: Calendar Options

These steps will outline how to share your calendar with another LSUMail user. (You can only share your Outlook 2016 calendar with other people in the LSUMail e-mail system.) To Share Your Calendar in Outlook 2016: 1. Open Outlook 2016. 2. Switch to the Calendar...
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Category: Calendar Options

Set up View-Only Calendar Sharing in Outlook Web App (OWA) 1. Log into LSUMail through OWA ( ).
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In Office 2016, you can share your calendar with others so that they know when you are available or busy. They will be able to see your meeting, job, or class times, and any other event that you add to your calendar. To Share a Calendar in Outlook 2016: 1. Open Outlook 2016. 2. Click the...
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Category: Calendar Options

Mail rules allow you to manage or organize your emails automatically. You create a rule that selects messages based on a condition and then apply an action on the messages that fit the condition. To Create a Custom Rule: 1. Select Tools from the top bar, then select the Rules option.
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Set Up Mail Rules in Outlook 2016 (Windows) 1. Open Outlook 2016. 2. Click the Rules option and select the Create Rule... option .
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Category: Mail Rules

QUICK Rule Setup This allows you to quickly create a rule based on an existing e-mail in your Inbox. 1. Sign in to...
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Category: Mail Rules

Advanced Search for a Contact To do an advanced search for a contact in LSUMail while logged in on a web browser: 1. Logon to ...
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Category: Contacts