LSUMail: Work with Conversation View

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Conversation View Explained

  • By default, when you access LSUMail using an internet browser (http://, your e-mails will be grouped by conversation threads based on Subject.
  • This means if someone sends you an e-mail and you reply, and they reply back, the whole conversation will be grouped together.  

1. Click the arrow to expand the list of messages pertaining to the subject of the conversation.

click the arrow to expand email conversations

2. The e-mails are sorted chronologically with the original e-mail at the bottom.

the emails in the conversation are sorted chronologically

3. Click the box next to an e-mail to read its contents.

click the box next to an e-mail


Change the Location of the Reading Pane

1. Click view then click on either Right, Bottom, or Off.

view drop-down menu that can change the view of the reading pane


Turn Off the Conversation View

  • If you do not like the conversation feature, you may remove it by following these steps:


how to Turn off conversation view: click conversation by date.

2. Click off. Your e-mails will now be listed in Chronological Order with the newest at the top.

drop down menu of the sort by tab


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