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Article Id: 20396
Category: Employee Resources

Article Id: 20370
Category: Employee Resources

On-Line Work Order Submission The University Networking & Infrastructure Department at ITS offers on-line Work Order Submission & Tracking System available to LSU Faculty & Staff. The purpose of this article is to guide customers through the process. When to...
Article Id: 11775
Category: Employee Resources

Article Id: 20421
Category: ITS Internal Policies and Procedures

Database Administration entails the creation, modification, and maintenance of data base structures to hold enterprise data; the tuning of those structures to ensure good retrieval performance; and the setup and monitoring of image copies and other mechanisms for backup and recovery purposes.
Article Id: 11849
Category: D

Description LSUMail is the current e-mail service that is hosted by Microsoft and branded for LSU Faculty and Staff. It provides e-mail, a calendar, and chat. It also available to retired faculty and staff. Service Name E-mail for Retirees ...
Article Id: 12997
Category: E

LSU Building Coordinators The Building Coordinator for Fred Frey Computing Services Center is Brian LeBlanc. Building Coordinators are Facilities Employee that provides various services to a building or set of...
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Service Name Frey Computing Services Center –Furniture Acquisitions...
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Service Name Frey Computing Services Center Building and Grounds...
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Category: Building/Grounds