ITS Web Hosting: LSU Overview

General Information

LSU Information Technology Services and The Division of Strategic Communications provide websites for LSU departments, units, and faculty members. The sites are built, edited, and maintained in OU Campus. If OU Campus does not fulfill all technical needs of a particular unit, exceptions can be made.

Units, schools, departments, and individuals residing on university servers or requesting links to sites maintained outside of university servers, must abide by university guidelines. LSU websites will be monitored for compliance. Failure to comply with policies, procedures, and requirements can result in the removal of pages, removal of links, or loss of access to systems as deemed necessary.

Web Sites hosted by ITS have the following features:   (Provided by ITS)

  1. Backed up nightly.
  2. Are mirrored to a backup Web Server.
  3. 50 MB allocated per Web Client.


Eligibility &a

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