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General Information LSU Faculty360 is an online software solution for vita management. It allows for robust faculty activity data collection, maintenance, and reporting on the...
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Campus Customizations LSU Faculty360 was built to be extremely versatile and solve a complex problem on the LSU campus: LSU Faculty360 needs to collect certain information from some campus units but not for others. For example, the College of Engineering needs to collect certain information that no other college needs. The system was designed to...
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Customizable Reports How does a faculty member obtain his or her annual faculty activity report? What if the reporting format that one college uses is different from that used by another college? LSU Faculty360 was built to handle such variation by providing access to particular fields that one unit may need for their own specific purposes but...
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Faculty360: FAQs How can the software be used? Once the information is centralized in LSU Faculty360, it can be used to meet the many and varied needs of the LSU campus. Enter information one time, use it many times: that is the proposition. Once the information is entered, it can be used for internal...
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File Storage LSU Faculty360’s file storage feature enables faculty to record faculty activities and store artifacts of faculty work in one central location for increased accuracy and efficiency. Faculty can upload documents related to their job activities, such as the following items and more: PowerPoint files Full-text...
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Maintenance & Data Use The collection and presentation of activities calls for clear guidelines associated with access and use. Delineating these guidelines fosters collaboration and trust among the institutions’ many stakeholders and creates a fair and open environment through which information is kept current, accurate, and is shared...
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Project Leaders Name ...
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System Security and Access LSU Faculty360 creates a safe environment for faculty information while still making it easy for campus stakeholders to securely access that information. Key administrators can tap in one central repository as needed without making several requests to faculty throughout the year for information about their activities. As a...
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Streamlined Review LSU Faculty360 can save many people on campus significant time and effort with streamlined review and can make current paper-based review processes far more efficient. Digitized and streamlined personnel review processes such as for annual faculty activity reports, promotion and tenure, sabbatical leave requests, and more. ...
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Faculty360: Timeline Phase 1: Replace decentralized paper-based annual review process. Spring 2016 Configuration of LSU Faculty360. Migrate and integrate data from LSU data sources.
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