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General Information Turnitin Feedback Studio is a feedback and plagiarism detection tool used to improve writing and engage students in the feedback process which students and faculty may use...
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Step 1 – Log in and Turn on Monitor Touch a key on the keyboard to wake the computer up. Type CONTROL/ATL/DELETE keys all at once to view login prompt. Log into computer with your PAWS ID and password. Push ON button on podium control panel to turn on the large wall monitor behind the podium.
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General Information Faculty can meet with an FTC representative one-on-one (or in small groups) in order to receive individualized assistance with specific technological problems they are encountering or to discuss new ways in which technology can improve the effectiveness of their teaching, learning, or research. Consultations can be...
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General Information The on-line Waitlisting feature allows LSU Students to add their name to a Waiting List for a FULL section of a class that they want to register for.
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Description FTC will sponsor meetings among faculty who wish to share their experiences, concerns, challenges, and successes in implementing technology into their teaching and research. Faculty will present to their peers and group participation will be highly encouraged. FTC personnel will make introductions and, if desired, will be available as a...
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Establish a Connection to the Faculty Data Storage on a Mac OS X Computer 1. If you are off-campus , you first need to connect to the LSU VPN . (If on-campus, skip to Step 2.) NOTE: You MUST be on the...
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