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Pre-Installation Instructions The Purchase Process for SPSS 23 is different for Faculty & Staff versus Students . How to Purchase SPSS? Installation...
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General Information Ubuntu is a well known and widely used variation of Linux that focuses on user-friendliness with an open source mantra. It is completely free in its entirety and updated continuously, supported by only donations,...
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To Start a Session in Linux: 1. Click Applications from the menu bar, hover over Internet , then click VMware View Open Client .
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VPN at LSU: How to Connect? (Linux) We cannot guarantee that this guide will work with every version of Linux since there are so many different distributions. Our guide assumes you have a general understanding of the Linux OS and its command line. If you have troubles, please contact your departments TSP, the ITS Service desk, or Google.
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Issue Description When using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on Linux computers, the error messages below might be...
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Zoom Desktop Client Download Zoom Desktop Client allows users to participate, schedule, and start Zoom meetings from a Windows or Mac Desktop. If you are also using the Zoom Office 365 plugin, you must be logged into the desktop client first in order for a Zoom meeting from Office 365 to connect to the LSU Zoom...
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