Zoom: LSU Overview

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Zoom is the new web conferencing tool at LSU. Your personal Zoom account can be used for web conferences for up to 300 people. It is available to all LSU A&M Faculty, staff, and students with an LSU primary account.

NOTE: AgCenter and Pennington do not have access to Zoom, and instead should contact their local Help Desk for products available to them.

Zoom may be accessed at zoom.lsu.edu. Simply use your LSU login and password to access your Zoom account. Zoom can be integrated with your Office 365 account allowing you to schedule web meetings from your Outlook calendar. Zoom also has a Moodle integration and can be used from your Moodle course.

To join a test meeting and check your device settings ahead of time, please use this link: https://zoom.us/test

NOTE: LSU’s current Zoom environment is not HIPAA compliant and should not be utilized for any purposes related to telehealth or for meetings that could potentially contain health related information. Additionally, Zoom should not be utilized for any purposes related to PCI, i.e. card payment processing. It is the recommendation of LSU ITS that Microsoft Teams meetings be utilized for any purposes that contain information governed by HIPAA. See here for more information on Microsoft Teams

Zoom Security & Authentication

Please note that all Zoom meetings need to be restricted to only those users who have authenticated with their MyLSU credentials. This can be done in your Personal Meeting Room settings.

If you'd like more information on ensuring MyLSU authentication is enabled, please see the following article - Zoom: Configuring Your Room to Require MyLSU Authentication


Zoom at LSU Resources

For more information about Zoom at LSU, please view these articles:

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