LSUMail: Quick Start Guide

Please follow the steps below to use LSUMail for the first time.

All steps are required. Do NOT skip any of these steps!

To log into LSUMail for the first time:

  1. Check if you are eligible for LSUMail by logging into myLSU, select Personal Preferences at the left, then click LSU Email. You may also check via the button below:

Check Eligibility button

  • If you are eligible, you will see a message that says "Login to LSUMail to change forwarding address."
  • If you are not yet eligible, this area will let you add your personal email address, where your LSU emails are sent until you have a mailbox. If you have completed registration, you should be eligible for LSUMail within 2 business days. For more information, see E-mail & E-mail Addresses at LSU ( "Forwarding-Only" section.

  1. If you were eligible for LSUMail in the previous step, Multi-factor authentication (MFA) Enrollment is REQUIRED before you can access your LSUMail, other Office 365 services, and Zoom meetings! Please visit to set up your authentication methods with the following instructions: (myLSU Login Required) Office 365: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enrollment

Set up MFA button

 Warning: For the lifetime of your LSU Office 365 account, you will need to perform MFA verification when logging in with new devices and to periodically re-verify your logins on existing devices.
 DO NOT DELETE AN AUTHENTICATOR APP if you installed it, as you will lock yourself out of your account if you do not have another MFA method configured.


  1. Set up multiple factors on multiple devices for MFA Enrollment. To do so, choose one or more methods you did not set up in the step above, and only register another device owned by you. See Office 365: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enrollment.

Imagine you carry your house key AND the spare key on the same key chain. If you lose your key chain, are you able to get back into your house? Your MFA factors are like keys; you should have more than one! This may mean setting up the app on multiple devices or having a backup phone number you can use to re-register the app if you replace your phone.

  • Still need help with MFA? Please see "More Help" section at the bottom, or contact the LSU ITS Service Desk!


  1. Now you are ready to access applications utilizing Microsoft authentication and protected by MFA. After you have set up multiple MFA factors, you may login to LSUMail with your myLSU credentials via or the button below:

Link to log into LSUMail

  • As a currently enrolled student, you also have access to the following applications with your LSU login credentials:
    • Microsoft Office Apps: Allows for FIVE separate device installations.
    • OneDrive: Online file storage (1 TB capacity).
    • Microsoft Teams: Collaborate and communicate in real time.
    • Zoom: Virtual classroom, advising, office hours, and more.
    • Other apps and much more!

More Help

For more information about LSUMail, please visit LSUMail: Overview.

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