OneDrive for Business (Office365): LSU Overview

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General Information

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a file sharing and storage service that is included with LSUMail. It allows users to save private files, make files public, share files with contacts, and create files for use with many Microsoft products. Users can upload and access their files from an online web browser or an application installed on a local device.

Users should upload and access their files via a supported web browser. Users may install the OneDrive Desktop Sync app onto supported devices. The OneDrive Desktop Sync app replicates files and folders between a user’s local device and that user’s OneDrive for Business storage space.

The service comes with 5TB of storage space. If you require more storage space, please email You must be near maximum storage and include a business reason for the increase. Please note that the maximum number of consecutive files that can be uploaded or downloaded at one time is 600 files.

OneDrive for Business uses LSUMail login credentials. External (non- LSUMail) users who are invited to access files and/or folders will receive a verification email from OneDrive. The verification email will have a link containing a generated code, which can be inputted into the verification screen. Once done, the external user will have access. Recipients will need to verify their email address before they are able to gain access to the shared resource. Files shared publicly do not require an LSUMail account to access. (Folders cannot be shared publicly.)

NOTE: There is also a public OneDrive for personal use. However, it offers less storage and does not include LSU support. For more information concerning OneDrive for personal use (including LSU's license with OneDrive and other Microsoft products), visit the main Microsoft site.

ITS does not recommend using your LSU related e-mail address for your personal OneDrive. If you do this, you may encounter problems after graduating or leaving the university.


Available to: Students, Faculty, and Staff.

System Requirements

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  1. To avoid potential account problems, please access your OneDrive for Business account via a web browser prior to using the OneDrive Desktop Sync application (or an application that syncs with OneDrive for Business). 
  2. The OneDrive Desktop Sync application is automatically downloaded in Windows 8 and 10 devices.
  3. The OneDrive Desktop Sync application is included in the Microsoft Office365 ProPlus installation available in LSUMail (Office 365).
  4. There is no OneDrive Desktop Sync application for Windows XP or Linux operating systems. Windows XP and Linux users should utilize the Web Application.


Training & Support

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