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Results Manager Results Manager, a session manager designed like a gradebook, organizes session files associated with a course list. Participant and session data can be viewed as well as edited within Results Manager. In Results Manager all session files are associated with a course list that resembles a gradebook. Opening the Results Manager 1. Open TurningPoint and...
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Getting Started Interested in using TurningPoint? Visit to register for a hands-on workshop provided by the Faculty Technology Center Instructor FAQs Create Account, Download & Install Remove TurningPoint Cloud and Install TurningPoint 8.1 PC Mac Adding the Turning Account Registration link to your...
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Frequently Asked Questions - Instructor (Information for Students) Is there a "Frequently Asked Questions" GROK article for students? What are the benefits of using clickers with students? Do my students need to purchase a subscription each year? Where can my students purchase a Turning Technologies clicker? How can my students get the...
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