Infrastructure as a Service: Virtual Machine Pricing

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General Information

ITS and the Frey Data Center are offering affordable options to allow departments to utilize available server technology.  This includes Virtual Servers, Storage, and Data Center Rack Space.

Services Provided & Pricing Structure

Pre-Configured Virtual Servers

The chart below contains 3 tiers of server configurations and their monthly prices for each of the standard Virtual Server operating systems offered by ITS. Please request these servers through the MySoft UNI Work Order Request System, and please indicate which operating system and tier you would like. 

NOTE: If you are unsure as to what is needed to run a certain application, please contact the Application's Vendor or contact the Programmer for additional specifications. For further information or to discuss quotes or needs for your department, e-mail
Server Operating System

Tier 1
Usage examples:
Basic DNS tasks, basic static websites

Tier 2
Usage examples:
Larger dynamic websites

Tier 3
Usage examples:
Large web sites, database servers, other applications

Windows Server 2016

Processor: 1 vCPU
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 40 GB (Bulk)
Monthly price: $38.08

Processor: 2 vCPU
Memory: 8 GB
Storage: 80 GB (Bulk)
Monthly price: $76.16

Processor: 4 vCPU
Memory: 16 GB
Storage: 160 GB (Performance)
Monthly price: $158.99


Processor: 2 vCPU
Memory: 512 MB
Storage: 20 GB (Bulk)
Monthly price: $5.36

Processor: 2 vCPU
Memory: 2 GB 
Storage: 30 GB (Bulk)
Monthly price: $19.44

Processor: 2 vCPU
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 40 GB (Performance)
Monthly price: $39.75

Additionally, ITS offers automated virtual machine backup services. If you would like your virtual machine backed up, please note that in your MySoft UNI Work Order. For more information about backups, please see the chart below. We will contact you to discuss which backup solution best fits your needs. If you would also like your virtual machine monitored, please note that in the Work Order as well. Monitoring can be provided at an additional monthly cost.

Customized Virtual Servers

If the options above do not fit your needs, we can create custom servers based on the pricing below. Please request these servers through the MySoft UNI Work Order Request System.

Work Order Item #
Monthly Price
Annual Price


Virtual Server - 1 vCPU




Virtual Server - Memory Reservation of 256 MB




Storage - 1 GB of SAN (Performance) Disk Space




Storage - 1 GB of NAS (Bulk) Disk Space




Datacenter - Onsite Server Monitoring




Backup Services - 1 GB TSM Storage*

The amount will be based on the average consumed disk space per month. Please visit Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM): LSU Overview for more information. 

Visit the link in the Description field

Visit the link in the Description field


Backup Services - 1 GB Veeam Storage*

The amount will be based on the average consumed disk space per month.



*Please contact the ITS Server Team to determine which solution will best fit your backup needs.

Service Level Agreements


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