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After creating a Quiz, you must add questions to it. You can create new questions, or add questions from the Question Bank. If you create a new question, it will automatically be added to your Question Bank. See Grok article 18316 to Add a Quiz . To Add Quiz Questions to a Quiz: 1. Log in to Moodle . 2. Select the Edit button in the top right-hand corner.
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Users can set up notifications in Moodle mail. Creating a Notification in Moodle Mail: 1. Login to Moodle and select your course. 2. Locate the Moodle Mail block and select the Create Notification link. Note : if you do not see the Moodle Mail block, you may need to Turn This Block On . 3. You will be brought to your notification creation page.
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Instructors are able to display a link to a website that is outside of Moodle. Repeat this process below to add multiple links to external websites. To add a link to a Website: 1. Log into Moodle and select your course. 2. Scroll to the Bottom of the course page and select Create Learning Activity . 3. Select URL under the Resources section....
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This article will explain how to add questions to a feedback survey activity that has already been created. (For instructions on how to create a new Feedback survey, see SNAP: Add a Feedback Survey Activity . ) To Add Questions to a Feedback Activity: 1. Log in to Moodle and select your course. 2. Click on the desired Feedback activity you wish to add questions...
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Faculty/Staff Technology Moodle - New SNAP Theme See a list of all SNAP articles . These will help with most Moodle SNAP issues. Faculty 360 See the Faculty 360: LSU Overview .
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General Information ITS provides several digital media resources for increased learning and academic use. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information on what services are available to you, along with some usage-based scenarios to help you see which services will best serve you here at LSU. If you have any questions about any of these resources, feel free to contact...
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General Information Louisiana State University is extending its reach beyond Baton Rouge by adding to its long history of academic excellence and offering innovative master's degree programs online. Visit the LSU Online Website for...
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Student Services Overview: ALEKS Placement Test Careers2Geaux CATS Status Classification College Record Community Moodle Course Evaluations Degree...
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General Information Web Sites hosted by ITS have the following features: (Provided by ITS) Backed up nightly. Are mirrored to a backup Web Server. 50 MB allocated per Web Client. Related Links: (Provided by the Division of Strategic Communications ) Website Development Options Online Communication Policies and...
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General Information Panopto is a video platform which includes software for recording and live streaming video, a portal for storing and managing your videos, a search engine for finding...
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