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General Information

LSU Sponsored Guest Accounts are available to Guests and Visitors coming to the Baton Rouge Campus to see an LSU Faculty or Staff member, or attend an event. An LSU Sponsored Guest Account is needed in order to use LSU's Wireless Network. Guest Accounts require an LSU Faculty or Staff member to act as a Sponsor.  (By creating the Sponsored Guest Account, you become the Guest Sponsor.)  

  • NOTE:  All account creations are monitored and logged. Sponsored Guest Accounts are tied to the Guest Sponsor's myLSU ID. As a Guest Sponsor, you expressly consent to monitoring.  If monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, this evidence may be provided to law enforcement officials.

Guest Access to LSU Wireless Only

  • LSU Sponsored Guest Accounts allow access to the lsuguest Wireless Network. This Wireless Network is Not Secure, Unencrypted, and Requires Web User Authentication. 

Request Account: Request an LSU Guest Account.

Delivery Time:  Immediate.

  • Eduroam User Name and Password

This Wireless Network is Secure, Encrypted, and Requires 802.1X User Authentication. If you are a guest visiting LSU and your home institution participates in eduroam (education roaming), you can use your Institution's Credentials to log into the eduroam wireless network at LSU.  See a list of all Participating Universities in the United States.

Guest Access to LSU Wireless AND LSU Resources

  • This is the LSU Extended Guest Account.  This account grants access to resources on the LSU network.  For details or questions on this account type, contact the Help Desk at or 225.578.3375.

Request Account:   Request an  LSU Extended Guest Account.   (By creating the Guest Account, you become the Guest Sponsor.)

Delivery Time:  Varies, depending on many factors. Contact the Help Desk at 578-3375 or for more information.  

Guest Sponsor Responsibilities

As a Guest Sponsor, you are responsible for providing the necessary information to your guests on how to configure their device to connect to the LSU Wireless Network. 

LSU Support and Policy Statements

Help Desk Contact Information

Policy Statements

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