Running Accessibility Checker on Microsoft Word (Windows)

Much like the Word spell checker detects possible spelling and grammar errors, the Word Accessibility Checker will detect possible accessibility issues within your document. Running the Accessibility Checker is a critical process in optimizing your documents and presentations for accessibility and should be done when you have completed your project.


Running the Accessibility Checker on the Windows Version of Word

Complete the following steps to run the Word Accessibility Checker:

1. Open the Word document.

2. Select the File tab.

File tab

3. Select Info from the left-hand menu.

Select Info

4. Click the Check for Issues button.

Check for Issues

5. Select Check Accessibility from the drop-down menu.

Check Accessibility

6. Review the list of potential errors in the Accessibility Checker pane.

List of errors

7.  Resolve any outstanding accessibility issues listed in the results.


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