LSU Web Development: Getting Started

LSU Web Development: Getting Started

Requirements, Policies & Standards

1. All Files stored in the account are backed-up nightly.

2. All Files stored in the account are mirrored to the Back-up Web Server

3. WCMS Sites allow for Static HTML ONLY. (This means that things like CGI Scripts, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, Ajax, and other Dynamic Content WILL NOT WORK).

Request a Web Site


1.  Contact Ms. Lori Martin,  Director of Creative Services

    Office of Communications & University Relations

2. Information to Include:

The myLSU Account ID for the Primary Account HolderContact Information so that we can call and e-mail you, and your Requested URL (if applicable).

3. Within 1-week of the Request, you will receive an e-mail from the web master. This will include everything you need to get started on your Site.

The e-mail will include: your unique User ID, your initial Password, and the assigned Site URL.  

4. Change your password as soon as you receive this information. Log into the myLSU Portal, click Personal Preferences Password Management.

5. Upload files EITHER (1) By using an FTP program, such as FileZilla - described in LSU Web Development: Using FTP. (For more information, view the FileZilla: LSU Overview).

OR  (2) By using web site authoring software, such as SharePoint - described in LSU Web Development: Using Authoring Software. (For more information, view the SharePoint: LSU Overview).


Information Technology Services is NO LONGER providing Sites for Student Organizations. These sites are now managed through the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.  

LSU Student Organizations are utilizing the Student Org Community for their online needs. For questions related to site hosting for student organizations at LSU, contact Campus Life. 


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