Mac OS X: Boot Camp Troubleshooting

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Mac OS X: Boot Camp Troubleshooting

Boot Camp is used to run the Windows Operating System on a Mac computer. Occasionally, users will experience problems installing or running Boot Camp. This article will cover the several methods of troubleshooting available for Boot Camp.

The most common and useful method is simply accessing the Apple support site located at

Boot Camp requires that Mac users have Mac OS X v10.5 and the latest firmware. The following instructions will benefit the users that need to update their computer's system software or firmware to run Boot Camp.

1. The first step in updating your computer's system software is clicking the Apple icon and selecting About This Mac.

About This Mac option

Then select Software Update...

About This Mac window

2. Next, users may see updates for Mac OS X. If there are any updates, users should press Update All to download the updates. After the updates are installed, users should now try running Boot Camp.

Software Updates

NOTE: Users will have to restart to put these updates into effect.

The following instructions will benefit users who have to update their computer's firmware.

1. First, users should go to the Apple download site located at

Apple Downloads page

2. Next, users will search for firmware updates for their computer. For example, users with a Mac Mini should search for "Mac Mini firmware update."

Apple search

NOTE: Some computers require more than one firmware update.

3.  Now, users should download all available firmware update packages.

Apple search results

4. Finally, users will open each firmware package and follow the onscreen instructions.


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