TigerWare: Frequently Asked Questions

What is TigerWare?
TigerWare is an advanced, award-winning web-based online software distribution that provides LSU with a key IT infrastructure advantage – a centralized "warehouse" for distribution of licensed software and a ‘clearinghouse’ of information about access to the software. TigerWare can be accessed on the web at: http://tigerware.lsu.edu.

Who has access to TigerWare?
Each TigerWare item has specific availability that indicates who is licensed to download and use the software or purchase under pricing agreements. That availability falls under Faculty, Staff, Students, Graduate Students, Virtual Labs, Student labs, or departmental restrictions. 

Did TigerWare include all the software products?
No. TigerWare is simply a tool for distributing software, just as a vending machine is a tool for distributing products. Software must be licensed – or be freely available under its copyright – in order to be distributed. LSU will put all the software the institution licenses or can use onto TigerWare and will add to it as more products are available under separate licensing agreements.

How do we access TigerWare?
Open a web browser and go to this URL: http://tigerware.lsu.edu. Anyone can browse the software titles, but before downloading licensed software, you will be prompted to enter your myLSU ID and password – do so, and you’ll be able to download. Free-ware or share-ware software will not require the entry of your myLSU ID and password.

I am an incoming freshman. Why can't I download software?
Only ACTIVE students, faculty, and staff are eligible to download software. Incoming freshmen will be able to download the software after their first day of class.

What products are available on TigerWare?
A huge variety! Areas of application include communication software, database, document readers, e-mail, graphics, utilities, multimedia players, networking, operating systems, office suites, security, web browsers, and many more. Products are organized by application area, and individual products are detailed in each section. This selection will be updated constantly – so the best way to find out what’s on TigerWare is to go look at http://tigerware.lsu.edu.

What about Macintosh and Linux users?
TigerWare is a full-service, diverse-platform software distribution tool. ITS is putting not only Windows-based software up onto TigerWare, but also Macintosh and Linux operating environments. In fact, TigerWare senses what type of device is trying to access it, and depending upon the system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) automatically presents the appropriate software set to the connecting user.

Can anyone use TigerWare?
Active faculty, staff, and students of LSU’s A&M campus (Law and AgCenter too) can use this service. You must have a myLSU login to get software, though anyone can browse the site.

How do I use TigerWare if I’m accessing the LSU network from off campus?
Same as on campus. Open a web browser, enter http://tigerware.lsu.edu and you’re off and running anywhere on the internet!

Is all the software listed on TigerWare available for download for free?
If the software has a ‘download’ button on its listing, you can download it for free. If the product is not licensed broadly, it is not available for download, but information about how to get it (and what it will cost) is documented on this site. At some point in the future, ITS may also be able to sell non-broadly-licensed software on a per-copy basis; ITS will announce such a service when/if it becomes available.

What if I know of a product that might be useful to the LSU community if distributed on TigerWare?
Simply contact ITS and make that known to us! We will soon have a feature that allows for direct feedback of such a request directly from TigerWare.

In my college/department, we have a license for a specific software tool – can we get that on TigerWare? What if it’s not a campus-wide license, but just for our college/department?
TigerWare can be set up to distribute software to limited audiences within the LSU community. ‘Departmentally Sponsored’ software is a category that can be added, and products that are limited in who can use it can be added to this category. This means that ITS can help departments with software distribution, so that users don’t have to remember all the places where software is distributed at LSU. One stop shopping is the concept. Contact ITS if your department has sponsored software you’d like to distribute via TigerWare.

Can ITS sell software via TigerWare?
ITS is currently investigating that option, including having discussions with some key vendors about becoming the first university nationally to be able to do this. While ITS believes in a strategy of IT abundance and broad provisioning of software tools, in some cases individual purchase of various special products will always make the most sense. However, it would be a powerful way to ease access to such software, if it could be sold via download from TigerWare. ITS will continue to investigate and announce any such service when it is available.

Who do I call for help if I have a problem with TigerWare?
Call the IT Service Desk at 225.578.3375 or send e-mail to: servicedesk@lsu.edu

10/20/2023 4:38:49 PM