LSU Alumni: E-mail Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

This article addresses common questions regarding the Alumni E-mail service.

1. Can I keep the same e-mail address?
No. Your free Alumni e-mail address will end in to differentiate it from You can choose whatever you want for the part that comes before the @ sign.

2. How do I transfer my LSU student e-mail account to the LSU alumni e-mail account?
For old messages, Log in to LSUMail and print or forward each old message to another e-mail address or setup a POP connection to your LSUMail account and download a copy of the messages in the LSUMail Inbox to your personal computer. Note: Messages in the Sent folder or other folders will not be retrieved by this method.

3. Will my contacts be transferred to the new account?
No. The Alumni e-mail offering is optional and is managed independently of LSU. The University does not transfer any data from your LSUMail e-mail to any other e-mail system.

4. Will all of my e-mails be transferred to the new account?
No. The Alumni e-mail offering is just a suggestion and is managed independently of LSU. LSU does not transfer any data from your LSUMail e-mail to any other e-mail system.

5. Once my e-mail is transferred, will I still login through the myLSU Portal?
No. e-mail is not transferred in this process. You will log in to your Alumni e-mail account at a Web address that will be specified when you register for the account. Your MyLSU account will be deleted regardless of whether or not you sign up for the Alumni e-mail offering.

6. How much storage will I get?
10 GB.

7. Do I have to pay in order to keep my e-mail address?
You will not be able to keep your LSUMail email address. Only individuals who are actively associated with LSU as an employee or student or LSU retiree are allowed an e-mail address. When you leave LSU, the account is kept active for a transition period of at least two major semesters, after which the account is eligible for deletion. The Alumni e-mail account is a FREE service to LSU Alumni.

8. Is it possible to get an extension for account purge? To keep my account longer.
No. Unless you are applying for admission or coming to work at LSU within the next couple of months, it is not possible.

9. If I have e-mail that is currently being forwarded into my LSUMail e-mail account, will that e-mail be forwarded to my Alumni e-mail account once it is transferred?
No. The Alumni e-mail account is independent of the LSUMail account. Any e-mail that is currently being forwarded to your LSUMail account will need to be reconfigured to forward to the NEW Alumni e-mail account.

10. Is there any way for me to keep my e-mail address?
No. If you enroll as a full time LSU student or work for LSU, then you will get another MyLSU ID which will have an associated e-mail address at Once you leave LSU this new account will also be deleted. Only those who retire from LSU are allowed to keep their MyLSU Account ID indefinitely. See Identity and Access Management (PS-128).

11. What link do I use to check my new alumni email account?  

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