TeamDynamix: ITS Self-Service Portal - New Project Request

All LSU A&M faculty and staff can request a new project using LSU’s software New Project Request process. This process will require the requestor to only complete one web-based form available from the ITS Customer Self-Service Portal that will cover the information needed for Data Steward, Security and IT review and approvals. The customer will be aided by an ITS PMO Account Representative throughout the request process. 

To Submit a New Project Request:

  1. Navigate to the LSU ITS Client Portal Home page at
  2. Click on Sign In.

sign in at top right


  1. Complete LSU’s Multi-Factor Authentication. For more information on logging in with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), see GROK Article 19930.
  2. Click on Services in the navigation bar.

Services link highlighted at the top


  1. Click on Professional Services in the Categories section.

Professional Services button highlighted


  1. Scroll down to the Services section, and click on New Project Request.

new project request highlighted


  1. Click on the Request Service button.

request service button highlighted


  1. This is the New Project Request form. Fill out all required fields.
    New Project Request form


  2. Click on Request at the bottom of the form.

Request button at the bottom of the form


Next, you will receive an email notification letting you know that your request has been created, and your request will be forwarded to the ITS PMO Account Representative. Once the ITS PMO Account representative has received and reviewed your request, you will be contacted to gather additional information including but not limited to: Data fields that may be needed for the project, anticipated start and end dates, any requirements that may be relevant, strategic goals the project may align with, etc.

Once this information is obtained, the project request will route automatically to the appropriate reviewers for preliminary approval (Data Stewards, Security, and IT).

Your account representative will remain in contact throughout the project request process to assist in information gathering as well as answering any questions you may have.

For additional information, please reach out to


9/18/2023 1:23:53 PM