myLSU Portal: Updating the Email Address for a forwarding only account

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Note: This method is only possible if you are not eligible for LSUMail. If you are eligible, you will see "Log into LSUMail to change forwarding address" in step 2 below, and should visit:  LSUMail: Set Up or Remove E-mail Forwarding instead.
To Update a Personal Email Address in myLSU:

1. Log in to MyLSU, then navigate to Personal Preferences and click the LSU Email link.

LSU Email selection under personal preferences dropdown myLSU

2. Enter the updated email address in the box next to Forwarding Address, then click the Change button.

A screenshot of a cell phone  Description automatically generated

For additional assistance, please contact the Service Desk via or call 225-578-3375.

8/28/2023 9:33:51 AM