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edX is a massive open online course platform that offers online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines to a worldwide audience at no charge. This new initiative was based on MIT's "MITx" project, announced in 2011, and extends the concepts of OCW by offering more structured formal courses to online students, including in some cases the possibility of earning academic credit or certificates based on supervised examinations. A major new feature of the edX platform is the ability for students to interact with each other and with teachers in online forums. In some cases, students will help evaluate each other's work, and may even participate in some of the teaching online. In addition, edX is being used as an experimental research platform to support and evaluate a variety of other new concepts in online learning.

LSU students, faculty, and staff can access online training resources with FREE certificate 24x7 through edX. Sign Up with Email or Social Media, such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google+ (https://authn.edx.org/login), to access the course contents.

Course audit is free of cost and have complete access to all the course material, activities, tests, and forums. People can pursue a verified certificate by paying $49 USD after successful completion of each course.

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