Wireless: Checking If Your Mac Computer Has 5 GHz Network Band Capability

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5 GHz Network Band Capability Check on a Mac

1. Click the Apple icon located in the top-left portion of the screen and select About this Mac.

About this Mac option on the Apple drop down menu


2. Click System Report on the menu displayed.

System report window


3. On the Left-hand side column, scroll down options until you see Network, then select the Wi-Fi option underneath it. Look for the "Supported PHY Modes: " selection.

Wi-Fi details section with Supported PHY Modes highlighted


4. IF... the computer supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Standards,

 THEN... the computer has the 5 GHz Network Band Capability.

Additional Notes

  • At a minimum, your adapter must support 802.11g/n. Ideally, we would like ALL devices to support 802.11a/g/n.

  • If your device only supports 802.11a, it WILL WORK on the LSU wireless network; however, there may be locations on campus where your signal strength might not be ideal.

  • See Wireless: Geaux Dual Band for more information.


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1/31/2024 1:21:40 PM