Apple TV: Connecting to LSU Network via Ethernet

NOTE: Although this article has been recently updated, if you still need help connecting your Apple TV, please contact the ResLife IT Service Desk at or call 225-578-0560. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Thank you!


Expectations of Support

ITS has successfully configured and tested the Apple TV with various Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, and MacBook.  The instructions are provided below and ITS will continue to make every effort to support Apple TV and its various applications.

Due to the nature of the Apple TV Protocol & Apple's lack of support for Enterprise Networks, ITS can make NO GUARANTEES that this process will work OR that it will be reliable.  User Support for the Apple TV on the LSU Network will be LIMITED. Steps for Apple TV on eduroam are no longer supported.

Security Information

It is Highly Recommended that you Set a Custom Name for your Apple TV & Turn ON AirPlay “Onscreen Code

1. Default Name:  There is a potential that you will see multiple Announcements from the same name & you won’t know which one is your Apple TV Device.

2. “Onscreen Code”:  Without this code, ANYONE will be able to use AirPlay on your Apple TV.

  • Set a Custom Name on your Apple TV:

1. Choose: Settings > General > Name > Custom.

2. Use the on-screen keyboard to create a Custom Name.

3. Click Submit.

  • Set an "Onscreen Code" on your Apple TV:

1. Choose: Settings > AirPlay > Onscreen Code > On.

2. Make sure this is set to: On.

Pre-Installation Instructions

Below is a list of the items needed to complete the installation and configuration.

1. Apple TV & the Apple TV Power Cord. 

2. An Ethernet cable. This connects to your Apple TV to the wired LSU network. 

3. Registration on the LSU Network through the BlueCat Registration Portal. This is required to access the internet and you will need to know your device's MAC address to do so. For more information, see Getting Your MAC Address: Apple TV.

Installation Instructions

1. After you have registered via BlueCat (see above section), wait 15 minutes. Then, connect the Ethernet cable to your Apple TV.

2. Connect your Apple TV to your TV or other monitor device and power your Apple TV on.

3. Your Apple TV will prompt you to select a language and connect to the internet via the Ethernet cable. This step is critical because it is the only way for Apple TV to be able to receive an accurate date and time to validate the expiration date of the authentication certificate.

4. After your Apple TV has successfully connected to the internet via the Ethernet cable, your Apple TV should now be able to use the LSU Network.


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