Faculty Data Storage: Connect to your Data (Mac)

Establish a Connection to the Faculty Data Storage on a Mac OS X Computer

1. If you are off-campus, you first need to connect to the LSU VPN.  (If on-campus, skip to Step 2.)

NOTE:  You MUST be on the LSU campus subnet, or on-campus, in order to connect to the Faculty Data Storage. For more information, see  VPN at LSU: Overview.

2. Click on the Finder icon.

the Mac Finder logo

3.  Press [Command-K] on the keyboard.  The Connect to Server dialog box will display.

connecting to server

4.  Type the following line for the Server Address.  (Replace [myLSU ID]  with your myLSU ID.  Our example uses mtiger1.)

smb://research.storage.lsu.edu/research/[myLSU ID]

connecting to faculty storage solution

5.  Click Connect.


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