LSUMail: Set Up Personal Contact Lists in OWA

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OWA is updated and experiences formatting changes regularly. This article will present a generic set of instructions for use of OWA. It should be used as a guide while using OWA. Screenshots and instructions may be slightly different from the current implementation of OWA, and a user may see something different than what is shown in this article. For issues that may arise during the process of using this article, please contact the Service Desk for further assistance.


General Information

This article describes the steps to set up personal Contact Lists in Outlook Web App (OWA).  A contact list is a list of e-mail addresses referenced under a single mailing list name.  You can then e-mail to the Contact list the message will be sent to all group members.

Set Up a New Personal Contact List

1. Open a Web Browser.

2. Log into LSUMail through OWA.  (

LSUmail and Outlook sign in screen

3. Click People from the apps window located in the top left-hand corner of the screen.

under the apps window, click on "People"

4.  Click the Arrow beside the New tab, and select Contact List from the dropdown menu.

select the "contact list" command under the drop-down menu labeled New

5. Fill in the List Name and Add Members fieldboxes.

6. Select Save when finished.

new contact list window, click save when done.


LSUMail Server Settings

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):      Port: 587
Encryption Method: STARTLS
Authentication: OAuth2

1/23/2024 3:46:26 PM