Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP): LSU Overview

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General Information

Symantec Endpoint Protection is shortened in our documentation to SEP.   Symantec is a leading software security company, and their Endpoint Protection product is among the best antivirus and anti-malware software available.  LSU has a license agreement with Symantec, which allows faculty, staff, and students to install Endpoint Protection on LSU owned computers, as well as personal computers. 

Pre-Installation Notes

In addition to installing Symantec, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you RUN OS UPDATES REGULARLY.   (Remembering to update all other software as well.)

How do I update my Windows? 
How do I update my Mac?

LSU currently offers two versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection on TigerWare:

managed client icon  1. The Managed Client is intended for use on LSU owned computers.  Tasks, such as definition updates and scheduled scans, are setup automatically via LSU’s Endpoint Protection server. 

Unmanaged Version Icon  2. The Unmanaged Client is intended for personal computers and LSU owned computers that are normally located off-campus. In addition, the unmanaged client does not have a regular connection back to the campus’ network. 

(You can tell which version of Symantec Endpoint Protection is installed on the computer by looking at the icon on the system tray.)

Downloads on TigerWare

SEP for Personal Machines (Unmanaged Install)


Installation Instructions

Windows -- SEP Installation Instructions

Mac -- SEP Installation Instructions

Training & Support

Symantec Support

Norton Community Forum

Customer Care Information Center

Known Issues

Problem: Installer Information - "Symantec Endpoint Protection has detected that there are pending system changes that require a reboot."

Solution: See the Symantec Endpoint Protection Install Error Codes.


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