Moodle 2: How to Post Grades? (Midterm & Finals)


Moodle allows you to transfer your students' final grades into your myLSU grade sheets. You will still need to go through the myLSU Post Grades process to submit grades to the Registrar's Office.

NOTE: Only the Instructor of Record can submit the mid-term and final grades for a course. Even if you are enrolled as a Primary Instructor of a Moodle course, you will not be able to post grades to PAWS if you are not listed on the Mainframe as the instructor of record.

1. Log into Moodle (

2. During Post Grades Periods (Mid-Terms & Finals), the Post Grades Block will display and links will appear in this block.  This is the time to upload your grades from Moodle to the mainframe grade sheets.  If you teach multiple sections of the course, you will get a separate link for each section.              

This is the time to Upload your Grades from Moodle to the Mainframe grade sheets.  If you teach multiple sections of the course, you will get a separate link for each section.

post grades block


  • The Post Grades block for final grades will show links for Finals. If you have any Degree Candidates in the course, you will see a separate link for them. You will need to click all links separately to complete your grade posting.

 post grades finals links

  • During periods when Post Grades is inactive, the block will only be visible when Editing ON.  The block will appear empty during this time.

\Empty Post Grades Block

3. Click on the link for the section for which you want to upload grades.

  • You will get a preview screen that shows the course total grade for each student. This grade is expressed as a letter grade, percentat, or total points, depending on how the Course Total Grade Display Type is set in your gradebook. For information on changing the Grade Display Type for your overall course category see "Changing Grade Display Type in Simple View."
  • The default Letter Grade Scale is a 10-point scale (A = 100-90, B=89.99 - 80, C=79.99 - 70, D=69.99 - 60, F=59.99 - 0). If you do not want to use the 10-point scale, you can create a custom scale.  For directions on how to do this, see "How to Create Custom Grade Scales (Letter Grade)."

Posting Grades button on the gradebook window

4. Look through the grades on the preview screen and make sure they show the desired grade for each student.

NOTE: You will only be able to transfer grades from Moodle once for each grade sheet, or section.

5. If the students' grades are correct, click the Post [Finals / Midterm] Grades button. If there are errors in the grades, click the Return to Gradebook button instead.

post grades buttons

  • For posting Final Grades, you will see a similar set of buttons, and a warning that you may only post once:

post grades buttons

6. After posting grades from Moodle, a window should open to your myLSU Post Grades page.

  • You will still need to Verify and Submit the students' grades through the myLSU page.

7. Click the link for Pending grades and examine the letter grades for your students. If the grades are correct, click the Submit button to post the grades.

NOTE:  If this process FAILS for any reason, see the article on myLSU Portal: Grade Posting for an alternate method to Post Grades to the Mainframe.

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