Moodle 2: How To Upload Documents Within a File Resource


Upload Documents Within a File Resource

Files can be uploaded within the Content section of a File resource. These files can be accessed by your students when they click the link to the resource. This differs from uploading files into your Private Files Area, because files within the resource cannot be accessed or linked from other resources or courses.

Create a File or Folder Resource

1. Click the Edit button in the upper right side of your screen.

 the edit button.

2. Drag and drop a file into the content area to upload to Moodle. Or, Click the Add an activity link.

  • NOTE: The drag and drop option may or may not be available in Internet Explorer.

Drag and drop file upload.

This shows the add a resource option.

3.Choose the type of activity you want to upload and click add.

The various types of activities available to upload.

4. Fill in the Name field. (This text will appear as the link to the file on your Moodle courses front page.)

This shows adding a new file.

5. Click the Add button in the Content area to open the File Picker window.

6. Click the Upload a file button on the left side of the window.

This shows the upload a file option.

7. Click on the Browse... button to search for the file on your computer.

8. After you have selected the file, click on the Upload this file button.

9. Click on the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page.

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