Moodle 2: Blocks: Administration: Enrolling Extra Participants into Your Course


By default, students are enrolled into a course 14 days prior to the first day of class. You can change the dates of these processes, up to a limit of 60 days prior to the first day of class. For additional information, please visit GROK article # 16615 Creation and Enrollment Settings.

While registered students are automatically enrolled into your Moodle course, you can manually enroll extra participants, such as a Teaching Assistant or Guest Instructor.

1. To manually enroll participants, select the desired course and click on the Enrolled Users link in your Administration block. If you don't see the link, click on the arrow next to the Users link to reveal the sub-link options. 

Enrolled Users

2. Click the Enroll Users button on the upper right side of the page. This will open the user search window. 

enroll users button

3. The “Assign roles” pull-down menu in the top of the window lets you choose the desired role for the participants.

-- For a description of roles in Moodle, please visit this article GROK article #15333 Assigning Roles

assign role drop down

4. You can also set a starting date and a duration limit by expanding Enrollment options. If you set a duration limit, the participant will be un-enrolled from your course after the time you designate.

enroll users expanded information

5. Type a name or PAWS ID (the first part of the person's LSU email address) in the Search box at the bottom of the window and slick the search button. If you click the Finish enrolling users button, the search window will close without searching.

NOTE: If you can not locate the user, try adding at the end of their PAWS ID.

paws id in Search Users box

6. When the name of your participant appears in the results box above, click the Enroll button to enroll the person into your course.

enroll button next to student picture

*NOTE: If the name of the participant does not appear and you see the message 0 users found, check to ensure you have entered the correct PAWS ID. If the PAWS ID is correct, contact the participant and ensure they have logged into the system. Once they log into Moodle/ Community Moodle, their account will be generated and you will be able to add them to your course.

7. After you click the Enroll button, your participant will be enrolled in your course. Click the Finish enrolling users button to return to the Enrolled User Page. You may remove a person from your course by clicking on the red X symbol next to their name.

*** NOTE ***

If you add a TA(group) or a non-primary instructor, you must add them to the group(s) of students in order for them to be able to enter grades in the gradebook, or email the students.

1. Click on the Users link under the Administration block and click on the Groups link.

2. Click on the section/group on the left to select it. Click on the Add/remove users button. Select the TA/Non-primary instructor's name by clicking on the name.

3. Click on the Add button to add the user to the group. Be sure to complete this process with all the sections of your course the TA/Non-primary instructor should have access to.


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