myLSU Portal: Submitting an Ad


General Information

LSU Departments and Units may submit advertisements to be posted on the myLSU portal landing page. The purpose is to give LSU Departments and Units a way to promote university events and services.  Please Submit Requests at least 5 Days BEFORE you want the Ad to be POSTED.

Guidelines for an Ad

In order to be considered for approval, all submitted ads must meet the following criteria:

  • Only LSU departments or units can submit an ad.  
    • Ads may not be submitted by a: 
      • Faculty member (unless on behalf of a department or unit)
      • Staff member (unless on behalf of department or unit) 
      • Student (unless on behalf of department or unit)
      • Student Organization 
      • Sorority or Fraternity 
      • Any group or organization not affiliated with LSU 
      • Businesses 
  • Ads MUST be for official University events & services.
  • All ads must contain the name of the department or unit responsible for the event or service. 
  • The ad design must adhere to LSU branding policies
  • Recommended sizing is 800 x 300px. 


Submitting an Ad

Submit your Ad request via the form located in the ITS Self-Service Portal:

On the request form you must specify:

  • Ad image
    • File type JPG or PNG
    • The ad image must contain the name of the department or unit responsible for the event or service being advertised. 
    • Minimal text within image. 
      • Note: Do not include the URL for the ad on the image
  • Alt text for the image. 
    • Alt text is descriptive text that describes the entire ad banner image. Any information in the banner image (both text and graphics) must be represented in the alt text. 
    • The alt text should be no more than 130 characters.
  • Ad URL
    • Specify the URL to the webpage the user is directed to when the ad is clicked. 
    • Example: your website or the event's website. 
  • Start date you want the ad posted. 
    • Ads will run for up to two weeks at a time, beginning and ending on week days only. 
    • Please include an end date if you want the ad removed before the 2 weeks are up. 
  • Submit requests at least 5 business days before the ad is to be posted. 


Ads may be approved if the event is of general importance to LSU staff, students, and/or faculty and meets all other requirements. There is a limit of 10 concurrent ads running at any given time. In case of more ad requests than can be accommodated, preference will be given to requests submitted first. 

12/16/2022 9:10:22 AM