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Semester Start-up for Moodle
          Moodle Basics & Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty Quick Links:

How to Post Grades?

How to Drop the Lowest Grade Item?

Basic Functions:

Confirm that your Teaching Course is listed in Moodle

Restore your old course content into a new Teaching Course

Confirm student enrollment

Add guest instructor(s) or TA(s)

Make your Teaching Course available to students

Post a new file resource to your Moodle course

Selected Features:

Add Resource Files   &   Add Resource Folders

Block Docking

Student Progress & Activity Completion Tracking

Access Control Contingency

Gradebook Simple View   &   Gradebook Full View

Export Forum Content to a PDF File

LSU Libraries Reading List

Reference Guides

Best Practices

Browse by Category


Known Issue is a Satellite Internet Service Provider, comparable to Cox Communication.  There are known issues that subscribers to this service may experience when using Moodle.  If you are having trouble and are a subscriber, please review the following information for a solutions:  Moodle 2: Subscribers Known Issue.

Selected Features

Contingency Settings - Allows instructors to determine when items become available based on pre-set conditions. These criteria include date & time, a student's grade on an assignment or quiz, and whether or not a student viewed a particular resource. For example, an instructor can create a series of sequential quizzes where just the first quiz is initially available. Only after achieving a passing grade on the first quiz will the link to the next one become visible. Students scoring a failing grade on the same quiz could be presented with links to remedial or extra support materials.

Completion Tracking - Allows instructors to view a report on students' progress through course materials. Conditions for completion of items include pre-set grades for assignments, viewing resources, or having students manually designate an activity as completed.

Block Docking - Allows users to modify their Moodle page by collapsing blocks into horizontal tabs on the side of the screen. Blocks can be restored by clicking the tab and then clicking the Un-Docking icon.

Gradebook Builder - Presents a streamlined graphic interface for generating categories and items in a comprehensive, customizable layout design.

Mobile Theme - Moodle will be presented in an easily navigable interface in the mobile web browser when a mobile device is detected.

Workshop (Peer-Review Activity) - The interface and controls to this activity have been simplified. It allows instructors to directly designate the allocation of student work for review. The final grade calculation now transfers to the Gradebook.

Attendance Block - This feature was completely re-written in Fall 2012.

LSU People Block - Gives instructors more control over what information is displayed as well as making all fields sortable.

Course Preference System - The system that oversees course creation, splitting, cross-listing and team-teaching.

Semester Statistics

Moodle Usage Statistics: LSU Overview:  Provides a detailed report including Historic Charts & Statistics.

Usage Statistics for Fall 2014
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Usage Statistics for Spring 2014           
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