LSU Library: E-Textbooks for Students

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At the heart of LSU Libraries' mission is the goal of providing access to resources essential for teaching and learning. To that end, the e-textbook initiative provides students with quick access to course materials available for free through LSU Libraries. It also provides instructors with an easy-to-use search tool to identify e-books that the Libraries either already owns or can purchase for use in courses.

To Access the E-Textbooks for Students through the LSU Library:

1. Visit the LSU Libraries home page. 

2. Select Libraries & Collections | E-Textbooks for Students from the top of the screen. 

Updated e-textbooks for students link in LSU libraries

3. This will bring you to the E-Textbooks for Students webpage. Here you can search through e-books available and select a book from the list that is not currently part of the collection for library purchasing.

E-Textbooks for Students webpage

4. Type in the Dept Prefix, Course Number, Instructor, Course Title, or Book Title into the fieldboxes, and select Search to locate the desired e-textbook.

5. The e-textbook should appear. Select the image of the book to open it.

Example of E-textbook

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