Connecting to eduroam with Windows 7

General Information

Before proceeding make sure you have the latest Service Packs and Windows updates installed, and also make sure your wireless adapter has the latest drivers. If your computer has a built-in wireless adapter, download the latest drivers from the computer manufacturer's website. If you have an external wireless adapter, download the latest drivers from the adapter manufacturer's website.

In most instances, Windows 7 will automatically detect and configure your wireless network adapter to connect to eduroam. This article provides instructions on how to connect to eduroam both through the automatic process and also manually.

Automatic Settings Configuration

1. Click the Start button and in Search for Files and Programs type: ncpa.cpl.

2. Right-click on Wireless Network Connection and select Connect/Disconnect.

eduroam on the list of available network options

3. Click on eduroam, then click Connect.

4. Enter your [myLSU ID] & myLSU Password.  (Example Login:

  • NOTE: Enter your myLSU credentials in the form <myLSU ID> If you do not do this, you WILL receive an error message.

Entering LSU credentials in the Network Authentication window

5. A security alert window will pop up, click Connect.

Manual Settings

1. Right click on the "wireless signal" icon, located at the bottom right hand side of your screen and select Open Network and Sharing Center.

Network and sharing center in drop down menu

2. Select Set up a new connection or network.

Set up a new connection or network option in center of window

3. Select Manually connect to a wireless network, then click Next at the bottom right.

option to manually connect to a wireless network

4. Fill in the following settings for eduroam, then click Next.

  • Network Name:  
    • eduroam
  • Security Type:  
    • WPA-2 Enterprise      
  • Encryption Type:  
    • AES Encryption
  • Security Key:  
    • Leave this Blank.
  • Start this connection automatically:  
    • CHECK the Box.
  • Connect even if the network is not broadcasting:  
    • UNCHECK the Box.

Entering in the wireless security information

5.  In the middle of the screen, click Change connection settings.

Option to change connection settings

6. Click on the Security tab and then Settings.

the security tab in the Network Properties window

7. Match your screen with the following information below.

  • CHECK the box for Validate server certificate
  • CHECK the box for Connect to these servers:
    • TYPE
  • CHECK the box for AAA Certificate Services

Entering the EAP properties

8. Near the bottom right of the window click the Configure button. A small box like the one shown below will appear. 

9. UNCHECK the box located next to:  Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any).

option to uncheck the auto logon feature

10. Click OK OK on the rest of the opened windows.

11. Click on the Wireless Network Connection icon at the bottom right of the screen and select eduroam.

list of the various wireless networks available

12. Enter your [myLSU ID] & myLSU Password.  (example:

NOTE: Enter your myLSU credentials in the form <myLSU ID>
      ** If you DON'T do this, you WILL receive an error message. **

Entering L S U credentials in the Network Authentication window

13. You are now connected to eduroam.


If you're experience difficulties, please see this GROK article before contacting the ITS Service Desk:

Wireless: Troubleshooting Connection Issues (Windows)
8/14/2023 9:20:57 AM