LSU Online: Assignments and Assessments: Assessments (Tests and Surveys)

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LSU Online: Assignments and Assessments: Assessments (Tests and Surveys)

The Assessment tool allows you to take tests or complete surveys online. You can access tests and surveys in any content area or content folder. Your test answers are submitted for grading, and the results are recorded in the Grade Center. Surveys can be used for polling purposes and evaluations, and are not graded. 

NOTE: Your instructor may choose to password protect an assessment. You will need to type the valid password and click Submit to begin the assessment. The assessment continues to prompt for a valid password until the correct one is provided.

Viewing Test Results

Depending on the instructor’s preferences after you submit your test, you will be given information that may or may not include: 

  • Score
  • Submitted Answers
  • Correct Answers
  • Feedback

Some instructors activate this information after everybody has completed the test. In this case, to view the information at a later time, simply access the test as you were going to take it again and you will be prompted to view your results.

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