LSUMail: Can't See the Availability of People When Scheduling a Meeting

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If You Cannot See Availability When Scheduling:

When you use the Scheduling Assistant to help you schedule attendees for a meeting, you can only see the availability information of someone who has a mailbox in LSUMail.

Therefore, if you invite someone using another provider's mailbox (such as a Gmail address), you will not be able to tell if the person is available at the time of your meeting.  The same is true when you invite any LSU students, faculty, or staff who do not have a mailbox in LSUMail. (This applies to anyone whose account is still on the LSU Exchange email system)

OWA and Outlook will show grey hash lines for someone who does not have a mailbox in LSUMail. Below is what OWA displays when invites, who does NOT have an LSUMail mailbox, and, who DOES have an LSUMail mailbox.

scheduling Assistant calendar showing two invitees, one with an LSU Mailbox and one without

If this is the case, you will have to go ahead and schedule your meeting without knowing the schedule.  The Invitee will accept or decline attendance if they have a conflict.



9/11/2023 8:15:14 AM