LSUMail: Mobile Apps Overview

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Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, come with various Apps that can access your LSUMail account. Depending on the App, they will use different methods to get to your mailbox.

Methods to Access LSUMail (Types of E-mail Apps)

Method 1: Apps that use Modern Authentication (Recommended)

  • LSU ITS strongly recommends the use of the Microsoft Outlook application (available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android) and/or the Outlook OWA.

  • Please refer to our article on Conditional Access for more information regarding supported clients and configurations.


Method 2: A Web Browser that Supports JavaScript (No Configuration Needed)

A web browser that supports JavaScript is the easiest way to connect to your LSUMail. This method DOES NOT require any configuration. (You may have to resize the screen to fit your needs.)

  • Open a web browser that supports JavaScript, and browse to:
  • Sign in with your LSUMail email address & your LSUMail password.

Warning Message: If your web browser DOES NOT support JavaScript, you will receive the following warning message: "You can download another internet browser for your mobile device and try it."


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Mobile Devices: LSU Overview

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