Symantec Endpoint Protection: Manually Update Virus Definition with LiveUpdate

Manually Update Virus Definition with LiveUpdate:

1.  Double-click the yellow shield icon located in the system tray.

symantec icon from the icons menu in the bottom right side of the taskbar

2.  Click the LiveUpdate option located in the left menu.

Live Update tab on the left side of the program

3.  A LiveUpdate window similar to the one below will pop up on your screen.  LiveUpdate should begin automatically; however, depending on how your system is setup, you might see a Start button located at the bottom of the window. If such is the case, click Start.

Window that appears after clicking the Live Update option

4. When LiveUpdate is complete, click Close.

Close button when finished with the Live Update

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Referenced from: SEP

6/30/2020 6:19:48 AM