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Aggregate Icon

The Gradebook in Moodle 2 is equivalent to the Gradebook in the previous version of Moodle. It allows instructors to view and edit the grades of all the students on the same page.

How to Open the Report:

1. Log in to Moodle and select your course.

2. Click the Edit button to turn editing on.

screenshot of the Edit icon

3. Click on the Grades link in the Administration Block on your course front page.

screenshot of the Administration Block | Grades link highlighted

4. Below is the most expanded view of the Gradebook view. It shows every item and category (and every item therein).

screenshot of the gradebook view.

Last Name/ First Name; Email Address

This column provides the names of each of the students in the class. To reorder the list alphabetically by last name or first name, click the corresponding option. Click the arrow symbol to toggle the list as ascending or descending. The user may also organize the list by email address by clicking Email address. The arrow that appears next to that, will also reorder the list as ascending or descending.

The user may also use the This icon appears between the name and email address of each student listed. icon next to each student name to view an individual student's grades.

Items and Categories

A graded item provides a place to enter grades.  By switching into the editing mode each grade can be manually changed. Arrows at the top of each graded item column are used to sort the students according to ascending or descending grade for the corresponding item. Categories can be manipulated in the same ways, but may also be collapsed to hide the items they contain by clicking the minimize icon next to the category's name.

The Course Total show the calculated results of all of the graded items in the course. The manner of this calculation is determined by the Aggregation method set for the overall course category and any sub categories that are added.

Other Icons


Toggle between the three icons below:

screenshot of the Grades only: plus sign     Grades Only:  Clicking this icon will show all the graded items in a category, but not the category totals.

screenshot of the Aggregates only: minus sign     Aggregates Only:  Clicking this icon will show the totals for each category, but not the graded items.

screenshot of the Grades only: Circle     Full View:  Clicking this icon will show all graded items and category totals.

screenshot of the Aggregate Icon  OR  image of summation icon     Aggregate:  This icon indicates a column that contains aggregate grades for a category, or for the entire course. The screenshot of the Aggregate Icon symbol indicates an aggregation of Custom Weights or Weight by Points and the image of summation icon symbol indicates that Sum of Grades is the aggregation method for that category.

screenshot of the Magnifying glass icon: Grade analysis     Grade Analysis:  Clicking this icon will take the user to a page detailing the individual students' results for the corresponding item.


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